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A is for Alejandro Martínez.

B is for blame.

C is for Catherine Hubbard.

D is for a definition of terms.

E is for expired.

F is for following the money.

G is for the GOP.

H is for staying home.

I is for immigration.

J is for judging by the numbers.

K is for Chase Kowalski.

L is for lockdown.

M is for men.

N is for Newtown.

O is for Orlando.

P is for Poway, Pittsburg, Parkland, Plano.

It’s also for Port Arthur.

Q is for quantifiable.

R is for reading the constitution.

S is for “strikingly calm.”

T is for thoughts and prayers.

U is for unlimited access.

V is for voting and vagary.

W is for whelm and wallow.

Y is for yesteryear.

Z is for zeroing in and zooming out.

Writing about life & the intersections of culture, race, gender and faith. @NancyRust,

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